Global Coin Chain brings social media, creativity and experience to help your company increase engagements! Global Coin Chain provides services that bring visibility of your products and services to a massive cryptocurrency audience. We work with companies to create and implement marketing strategies to help your business get more exposure in the cryptocurrency space. We have multiple options to help you create a social presence and build an online community.

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Most importantly, the twitter account (Crypto_Goat_) is the face of our company!

@Crypto_Goat_ Twitter account went from:

August, 2017 “605 Profile Visits, 123 New Followers, 6,084 Impressions, 1 Mentions” Per Month


January 2018 “217k Profile Visits, 35.7k New Followers, 6.94 Million Tweet Impressions, 6,885 Mentions” Per Month

Within 6 months – @Crypto_Goat_ Twitter Account Gained Over 538,800k Profile Visits80.5k New Followers, 12.19 Million Tweet Impressions, 14,409 Mentions

@Crypto_Goat_ now has over 125k twitter followers! We have had many tweets with over 100-190k impressions per tweet.

Crypto Connection
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is continually progressing and adapting, becoming a powerful online marketing resource for companies and brands.

Our Social Media marketing services include:

    • Creation of effective marketing strategies
    • Continuous social media monitoring and responses
    • Adapting to online trends
    • Encouraging awareness and support within the community
    • Creating a loyal fanbase
    • Targeting specific keywords, hashtags, phrases and topics relevant to your brand
    • We help your company get more exposure in the cryptocurrency space
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