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Forget about Bitcoin, Meet Zcash

Forget about Bitcoin, Meet Zcash

    Zcash advertises itself as a cryptocurrency built on science. It is different than Bitcoin in several ways. The basic advantage of Zcash is that it protects your personal data better. This is one of the main reasons that people get into cryptocurrency in the first place after all. You will have your address protected, unlike Bitcoin, so that others on the blockchain cannot see it. Additionally, no one will be able to see your balance. You will have viewing keys where you can share information with third parties, but it is really up to your discretion.

    You can use Zcash in the same way that you use money. You can send other people Zcash and you can also use it to buy goods and services. You can still disclose your balances to any third party if you are being audited or for any other reason, you might need to. One of the main ways that Zcash differs from other currency is that it is run by people. It is not a currency that is centralized at a bank. If you were one of the people that believed in Y2K, you will appreciate this fact. There’s no server that can be hacked into and all your data is erased. You won’t be subject to the ups and downs of the market and investments as those who hold money in banks are. You can instead realize that this is a currency in a network. It works because the people in the network do. You won’t have a greedy authority coming to take it away.

     There are advantages to traditional banking and cryptocurrency. Those who love the concept of democracy will understand that crypto is a lot like this. It’s a system of trust that gives the players in the network all a certain amount of equal power. There is no one in the network that is greater or lesser. 


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