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Here are a few of some of the most common questions answered:

Q1 – How do I access the software?

Answer: Crypto Trend Rider is an entirely web-based service, It runs 24/7 live from our member’s area, so you don’t need to handle any tedious downloads and setup issues, just log in and receive your signals & analysis to get started.

Q2 – What is Crypto Trend Rider?

Answer: Crypto Trend Rider (CTR) is the #1 crypto trading solution available. The CTR Signals feature filters through thousands of potential market opportunities in real time and provides you with surefire trading possibilities with a high success rate.

Q3 – How does the Crypto Trend Rider work?

Answer: We have 4 Sets of Signals included. CTR Signals, CTR Elite Signals, CTR Pump & Dump Signals & CTR Signals Engine. 

CTR Signals & CTR Elite Signals are optimised for the Binance Exchange.
CTR Signals Engine can be traded on any crypto exchange or financial broker.
CTR Pump & Dump Signals are optimised for the Cryptopia trading exchange.

All signals are delivered via Telegram with a recap via the member’s area. CTR Signals Engine operates via desktop Members Area only as it provides thousands of signals per day.

Signals are delivered only when market condition is suitable and not in a downtrend except for CTR Pump & Dump Signals.

Q4 – How much is the minimum capital I need to start trading with Crypto Trend Rider?

Answer: You can get started with zero capital by demo trading the signals until you feel comfortable with investing in the market. The exchanges you can use with CTR will allow you to start investing with as little as $5 but we recommend traded with at least $50 – $100 to begin with as a minimum.

Q5 – Do I need an Exchange or a Broker to trade with Crypto Trend Rider?

Answer: We recommend you use a crypto trading exchange, we provide recommendations inside the members area, You can however use our signals and indicators to trade crypto on forex or CFD brokers if. you wish to do so.

Q6 – What Cryptocurrency Exchange can I use?

Answer: For some aspects of the CTR solution you can use ALL cryptocurrency exchanges. For CTR Signals & CTR Elite Signals we have optimised these for trading on the Binance crypto exchange. For CTR Pump & Dump Signals this has been optimised for the Cryptopia exchange as that is where the majority of pumps take place due to the massive amount of new coins allowed on the exchange. For CTR Signals Engine you can use this on any exchange or broker platform.

Q7 – What Cryptocurrencies does Crypto Trend Rider trade on?

Answer: The CTR Signals works on 100s of cryptocurrencies pairs.

Q8 – What if I miss out on some signals?

Answer: The CTR Signals, Elite Signals, Signals Engine + Pump & Dump Signals generate signals every day at a high accuracy rate, as times for delivery will be spread throughout the day it is to be used as an aid to your crypto trading and therefore you do not need to trade every single signal that is generated. 

CTR is not built in a fashion that requires you to capture every signal or spend hours a day looking for windows in the market. CTR Signals are delivered via telegram as well as inside your member’s area so you can profit as and when you like. 

To turn off mute the telegram group or close down your member’s area.If you miss a signal or two, don’t worry… there are many signals throughout the day, weeks ahead so even if you miss some of them, there will always be new signals.

Q9 – Can I use Crypto Trend Rider on my phone or tablet?

Answer: Yes, we have optimised the CTR Signals, CTR Elite Signals & CTR Pump & Dump Signals to deliver via Telegram so you will receive Instant Signal Notifications. The CTR Signals Engine part of the service will however require a desktop to operate as it’s an advanced software providing thousands of signals per day and is impossible to stream or operate via app.

Q10 – Can it work for customers in the USA?

Answer: Yes, Crypto Trend Rider works for customers in the USA and citizens worldwide.

Q11 – Does this software work on autopilot?

Answer: No, Crypto Trend Rider requires you to follow the automated signal advice provided and then place the trade at your preferred exchange.

Q12 – I can’t log in to the member’s area?

Answer: Email us at with the email address you used to purchase Crypto Trend Rider including your receipt number, and we’ll reset your password and send you the new details right away.

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