bullish Stellar Lumens

Bullish – Stellar Lumens

Bullish – Stellar Lumens

What’s going on in the Stellar Lumens Community:

– Decentralized Exchange SDEX is officially launched

– Stronghold Exchange, USD anchor using Stellar networks

XLM is up over 2,400% in the last year Click To Tweet

– Monster partnership with IBM

– IBM has massive partnerships and is investing a lot of money into Stellar and Blockchain

Stellar partnership with IBM

– IBM is ranked #2 in blockchain patents

bullish - Stellar Lumens

– Stellar launching STO’s (Security Tokens Offering)

– ICO tokens moving to Stellar Blockchain

– Smart contracts are becoming more popular as they facilitate much faster and cheaper transactions than the Ethereum’s programming language

– Stellar is becoming a big rival for ETH

– Stellar is creating “Lightning Network” to continue to scale XLM

– Visa-backed blockchain firm (Chain) has been acquired by Stellar

Clients such as Visa, NASDAQ can now use Stellar's network Click To Tweet

– IBM debuts Stellar-powered “Blockchain World Wire” Payments System

Bullish Stellar Lumens

– Stellar AML and KYC Compliance

– Potential Coinbase listing very soon (ZRX just got added to Coinbase)

– Currently #6 in the cryptocurrency market cap

– NASDAQ backing Stellar

– Bakkt launching in November

Stellar Lumens Strong Partnerships: IBM, Deloitte, Visa, Nasdaq, Fidelity, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Stronghold, TransferTo, Tempo, Cellulant, ICICI Bank, Pundi X, Stripe Click To Tweet

A wise man once told me, always follow the smart money.

Jed McCaleb: Is a true crypto pioneer that maintains a low profile. He was the founder of Mt Gox, the worlds first bitcoin exchange. Co-founder of Ripple until 2013 when he left Ripple and co-founded the Stellar Development Foundation.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) is currently valued at $0.24 cents and is the 6th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. I believe XLM will be trading on NASDAQ, Coinbase and Robinhood all within 12 months. I am very bullish on Stellar Lumens and I am very excited about the future!

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion, this should not be taken as investment advice and I hold XLM in my personal portfolio.

Bullish – Stellar Lumens

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