Bullish on ZRX

Bullish on ZRX

Bullish on ZRX! Its official, Coinbase Pro announced that they’re adding ZRX to their platform.

ZRX to Coinbase Pro
Coinbase Pro adding ZRX

“ZRX trading on Coinbase Pro is now fully live. ZRX–USD, ZRX–BTC and ZRX–EUR order books are now in full trading mode.” – Coinbase

We are still waiting for Coinbase to announce that ZRX will be on their app. I’m assuming that once everything is working properly on Coinbase Pro, then they will announce that they will add ZRX to their app.

Coinbase has over 20 million active customer accounts. Before Coinbase announced the listing of ZRX to Coinbase Pro it was trading around $0.66 cents. When the big news was announced it made ZRX jump to as high as $0.88 cents. It has settled down and is currently trading at $0.75 cents.

Prediction: When Coinbase makes the official announcement of ZRX being added to their app (with over 20 million customer accounts) it was easily jump to over $1. Click To Tweet

I am bullish on ZRX as a long-term play and I am excited for the future. The advisors ZRX has are unbelievable and they’re constantly adding new employees.

Bullish on ZRX
ZRX advisors

I truly believe decentralized exchanges are going to be the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Decentralized exchanges add more security (user controls funds, anonymous and can’t be hacked). Once the exchanges become more usable, everyone will stop using centralized exchanges. Coinbase’s next big plan for the future is ZRX! They’re always one step ahead of everyone, follow the money and follow the experts.

ZRX stats:

Up 20% in the last week

Up 52% in the last month

Down 2% in the last 3 months

Up 11% in the last 6 months

Down 64% in the last year

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion, this should not be taken as investment advice and I hold ZRX in my personal portfolio.

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